Is Free trade good?

There is a consensus amongst economists that free trade is mutually beneficial. Yet, the rise of populists and nationalists globally coincides with the growing popularity of protectionism. In 2016, Donald Trump ran a campaign that focused on the US trade deficit, promising to restrict imports from abroad to boost domestic manufacturing. Once in office, the Republican President enacted a series of tariffs on billions of dollars of goods imported from around the world, especially China. This begs the…

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Swiss inflation shortage?

As cries of hyperinflation arise amidst a seemingly never-ending inflationary spiral in major economies such as the US and UK, Switzerland emerges as one of the only nations enjoying continued growth in living standards and prosperity in 2022. An economy heavily dependent on the financial and services sector, the Swiss has historically witnessed strong economic growth, boasting one of the highest GDP per capita figures in the world. Whilst having fallen in the Ease of doing business index…

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Episode 9: The Rapid Rise of Crypto and Bitcoin Free Market Talk

Founded in 2009 amidst the depths of the Great Recession, Bitcoin provided an alternative asset and currency for those desperate for an escape from the tumbling fixed-income and equities markets. Since its inception, Bitcoin experienced exponential growth – paving the way for alternative cryptocurrencies to enter the market. However, the future of cryptocurrencies in 2022 remains precarious. A record fall from its all time high in $60,000 to levels below $20,000 in June 2022 makes Bitcoin's future uncertain. Will Bitcoin continue its growth remarkable growth in the coming decade?
  1. Episode 9: The Rapid Rise of Crypto and Bitcoin
  2. Episode 8: Alternative Investments: A Decade of Growth
  3. Episode 7: The Australian economy
  4. Episode 6: Is Gold good?
  5. Episode 5: Inflation – A Monetary Phenomenon

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“If Socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be Socialists”

— Friedrich von Hayek