Merkel’s economic chancellorship

Angela Merkel become the German chancellor in 2005. Merkel ran as the CDU/CSU candidate, the centre-right Conservative alliance in Germany. The CSU contests elections in only Bavaria, whereas the CDU operates in the other states of Germany. In the election campaign, the CDU/CSU pursued a fiscally conservative agenda, promising more deregulation, tax reductions and publicContinue reading “Merkel’s economic chancellorship”

A cut to Universal Credit

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the government introduced a temporary £20 uplift to Universal Credit. It was announced to help claimants through the economic disruption that the pandemic brought with the Universal Credit recipients doubling between March 2020 and January 2021 from three to six million. However, on October 6, the temporary upliftContinue reading “A cut to Universal Credit”

China’s currency manipulation

Most economists agree that China is a currency manipulator. In August 2019, the Chinese joined the likes of Japan, South Korea and Germany on the illustrious list of nations for who the US have designated currency manipulators. This came after the Chinese Yuan sank to a ten-year low to the US dollar after the formerContinue reading “China’s currency manipulation”