Luxury goods: A poor investment

Rare, extravagant goods from certain luxury brands have long been the envy of the masses; this encompasses limited edition items, such as the stainless-steel, precious metal Rolex Submariner, the Hermes Birkin bag and the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Yet, the process to obtain these goods is long, arduous and very expensive. With this said, most justifyContinue reading “Luxury goods: A poor investment”

The Economic legacy of Major’s government

John Major became Prime Minister in late 1990, following Thatcher’s resignation. He took over the premiership at a time when the Conservatives were deeply unpopular, with polling showing Labour’s Neil Kinnock with a 23% lead over the Tories. This was down to a combination of factors; the economy was in recession from the early 1990s,Continue reading “The Economic legacy of Major’s government”

Turkey’s economic malaise

Since 2002, Turkey’s GDP growth relative to other developing and emerging economies has been slow. This is a sharp contrast to the previous economic growth and prosperity that Turkey enjoyed in previous decades. In more recent years, Turkey’s economic situation has only gotten worse, exemplified by the sharp decline in the value of the TurkishContinue reading “Turkey’s economic malaise”