Draghi’s Italian Economy

Italy has recently gone through a summer of overachievement, giving the nation a plethora of things to cheer about. At first, Italian band Måneskin won the European Song contest, followed by its Azzuri clinching the European Championships by beating England in the final, its sprinters winning gold in 4×100 relay at Tokyo and an ItalianContinue reading “Draghi’s Italian Economy”

Evaluating the Minimum wage

In 1998, the Labour government introduced the minimum wage in the UK, one year following their election victory. Since then, the minimum wage has been used as a bargaining tool by parties across the political spectrum to gain votes. In 2015, the Conservatives introduced the National Living wage, thereby enacting the largest percentage increase toContinue reading “Evaluating the Minimum wage”

The Economic legacy of the Clinton administration

In 1993, Bill Clinton became the first Democrat to ascend to the US Presidency in just over 12 years. The former Arkansas Governor ran on a ‘Third Way’ platform, promising to enact moderate economic policies, following the three successive Republican Presidential election victories. Clinton promised an end to so-called ‘Reaganomics,’ campaigning on a fiscally conservativeContinue reading “The Economic legacy of the Clinton administration”