Socialism vs. Free Market Capitalism

The debate of the 20th century is once again raging. Despite capitalism’s resounding defeat over the failing socialist regimes – the Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korea particularly, far-left millennials insist on a return to these miserable times. A recent survey by YouGov found that a strong majority of Generation Z types and millennials viewedContinue reading “Socialism vs. Free Market Capitalism”

Do Deficits cause Inflation?

Deficit spending. The political norm in both the UK and US since the turn of the decade. At a time of spiralling inflation, the question of a link between deficits and inflation is once again coming into the fray. A huge increase in government spending and subsequent budget deficits arose prior to the inflation crisisContinue reading “Do Deficits cause Inflation?”

Tories and Taxes: Leadership Election

Amidst the Conservative leadership contest are a plethora of tax proposals. Ranging from a continuation of the fiscal conservatism in reigning in borrowing, to tax cuts amounting to over £30 billion. At a time of economic ruin with inflation reaching record highs and economic growth stagnating, a credible economic platform is required to battle theseContinue reading “Tories and Taxes: Leadership Election”

Resolving the inflation crisis: Return to the 1980s

Spiraling inflation, climbing oil prices. Phenomenons are familiar to those who lived through the terrible 1970s. In the following five decades, the UK became one of the biggest debtor nations. Across the Atlantic, a similar fate for the US, from the largest creditor to the largest debtor nation. The inflation calamity of 2022 is farContinue reading “Resolving the inflation crisis: Return to the 1980s”