Economics of immigration

Talk of immigration levels has been an ever-increasing feature of public discourse. In 2010, the newly-elected Conservative Party promised to cut immigration levels to the ‘tens of thousands.’ This promise was made largely due to the large increase in net migration that occurred during the previous decade, having risen from 50,000 to 250,000 between 1997Continue reading “Economics of immigration”

The Economic legacy of the Bush administration

An underrated President by many, George W Bush took office in 2001 amid a recession due to the collapse of the tech bubble that began in the 1990s. Bush’s first election was of particular controversy, due to the close margin of victory in Florida that pushed him just over the 270 electoral votes that wereContinue reading “The Economic legacy of the Bush administration”

An energy crisis in Europe

Surging gas and electricity prices have hit much of Europe, including the UK. Since July 2020, gas prices have soared due to supply shocks, rendering a Winter energy crisis imminent. Such inflation in the energy sector greatly threatens the post-pandemic recovery, as consumers are faced with reduced disposable income. As a result, it is unsurprisingContinue reading “An energy crisis in Europe”