Tories and Taxes: Leadership Election

Amidst the Conservative leadership contest are a plethora of tax proposals. Ranging from a continuation of the fiscal conservatism in reigning in borrowing, to tax cuts amounting to over £30 billion. At a time of economic ruin with inflation reaching record highs and economic growth stagnating, a credible economic platform is required to battle theseContinue reading “Tories and Taxes: Leadership Election”

Resolving the inflation crisis: Return to the 1980s

Spiraling inflation, climbing oil prices. Phenomenons are familiar to those who lived through the terrible 1970s. In the following five decades, the UK became one of the biggest debtor nations. Across the Atlantic, a similar fate for the US, from the largest creditor to the largest debtor nation. The inflation calamity of 2022 is farContinue reading “Resolving the inflation crisis: Return to the 1980s”

Flourishing Floridian Economy

Florida: The Sunshine State. It’s clear why they boast one of the fastest growing populations across the US. Successive Republican governors have given Florida the tools to become one of the fastest-growing economies across the US. Perpetuated by a strong business environment through low tax burdens on citizens and corporations, Florida’s prosperity looks set toContinue reading “Flourishing Floridian Economy”

Is Free trade good?

There is a consensus amongst economists that free trade is mutually beneficial. Yet, the rise of populists and nationalists globally coincides with the growing popularity of protectionism. In 2016, Donald Trump ran a campaign that focused on the US trade deficit, promising to restrict imports from abroad to boost domestic manufacturing. Once in office, theContinue reading “Is Free trade good?”