Is Free trade good?

There is a consensus amongst economists that free trade is mutually beneficial. Yet, the rise of populists and nationalists globally coincides with the growing popularity of protectionism. In 2016, Donald Trump ran a campaign that focused on the US trade deficit, promising to restrict imports from abroad to boost domestic manufacturing. Once in office, theContinue reading “Is Free trade good?”

Elevating Eurozone growth

Fiscal policy refers to the government’s tax and spending policies. Looser fiscal policies refer to more expansionary fiscal measures, with tax cuts being a key fiscal measure that may successfully increase economic growth in the Eurozone. Income tax reductions for lower-income earners should successfully boost consumption within the economy. This is because lower earners haveContinue reading “Elevating Eurozone growth”

Evaluating the Minimum wage

In 1998, the Labour government introduced the minimum wage in the UK, one year following their election victory. Since then, the minimum wage has been used as a bargaining tool by parties across the political spectrum to gain votes. In 2015, the Conservatives introduced the National Living wage, thereby enacting the largest percentage increase toContinue reading “Evaluating the Minimum wage”

Economics of immigration

Talk of immigration levels has been an ever-increasing feature of public discourse. In 2010, the newly-elected Conservative Party promised to cut immigration levels to the ‘tens of thousands.’ This promise was made largely due to the large increase in net migration that occurred during the previous decade, having risen from 50,000 to 250,000 between 1997Continue reading “Economics of immigration”