Economics and environmental degradation

Economists and environmentalists alike have touted neoliberalism and environmentalism as mutually exclusive. Since the turn towards neoliberalism that started in the 1980s, global carbon dioxide emissions have increased by over 50%, from 22.7 to 36.4 billion metric tons. This has led many economists and experts alike to associate environmental problems with cost-cutting procedures, taken byContinue reading “Economics and environmental degradation”

The Economic legacy of the Trump Administration

The 45th President of the United States was sworn in on the 20th of January, 2017. Despite being a controversial figure, namely due to his tweets and nonchalant character, insofar as many social media platforms eventually took to de-platforming him, his economic legacy is laudable on many fronts. With this said, his economic agenda deviatedContinue reading “The Economic legacy of the Trump Administration”

A better alternative to welfare

Universal credit was introduced in 2012, with the intention of simplifying the overcomplicated welfare system. Conversely, Universal Credit has turned out to be far more complicated than was initially intended, insofar as a radical overhaul of the welfare system is necessary. The replacement of both the bureaucratic, means-tested tax credits and Universal Credit, with aContinue reading “A better alternative to welfare”

The Economic legacy of the Coalition Government

Following the 2010 General Election, no party held an overall majority – with the Conservatives winning the most of any party with 306 seats. A coalition government comprising of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats followed, marking the first coalition government since the Second World War. Both parties entered government in the wake of theContinue reading “The Economic legacy of the Coalition Government”