Monetary Tightening? All talk.

Amidst spiralling inflation, Central Banks globally have promised to take the fight with all policies at their disposal. They claim a decade of dovish measures by the ECB, BoE and the Federal Reserve have come to a close. The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 ushered in a wave of unprecedented measures by Central Banks; expansiveContinue reading “Monetary Tightening? All talk.”

Inflation’s here to stay

Pathetic. Western Central Banks are leading the charge on the out-of-control inflationary spiral we witness today. They have done little – if anything to get a grip on skyrocketing prices. Real inflation has reached levels not seen since the 1970s; a cost of living crisis not seen since the 1930s. The Tories in the UKContinue reading “Inflation’s here to stay”

Elevating Eurozone growth

Fiscal policy refers to the government’s tax and spending policies. Looser fiscal policies refer to more expansionary fiscal measures, with tax cuts being a key fiscal measure that may successfully increase economic growth in the Eurozone. Income tax reductions for lower-income earners should successfully boost consumption within the economy. This is because lower earners haveContinue reading “Elevating Eurozone growth”