Unbearable Unions

Unions. Source of much political and economic instability. The current inflation crisis, reminiscent of the 1970s, brings to light the chaos that they caused during that tumultuous decade. Thankfully, the efforts of successive Conservative and Labour administrations in the UK have limited their powers, relegating the Socialist dystopia of mass unionisation and collectivism to Marx’s manifesto. Union…

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Monetary Tightening? All talk.

Amidst spiralling inflation, Central Banks globally have promised to take the fight with all policies at their disposal. They claim a decade of dovish measures by the ECB, BoE and the Federal Reserve have come to a close. The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 ushered in a wave of unprecedented measures by Central Banks; expansive open market…

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Episode 11: Negative Interest Rates – Boom or Bust? Free Market Talk

With spiraling inflation plaguing the globe in 2022, the mere thought of introducing negative interest rates could hardly appear more detached from reality. However, during the previous decade, several Central Banks took to this supposed 'radical policy' in an attempt to stimulate inflation and long-run economic growth. The results are less than sound. Unprecedented asset-price inflation, depriving younger generations of housing, has been one of the many unintended consequences of this disastrous policy. Thank you for listening to the first season of Free Market Talk. We'll be back in September for Season 2!
  1. Episode 11: Negative Interest Rates – Boom or Bust?
  2. Episode 10: Economics of Energy
  3. Episode 9: The Rapid Rise of Crypto and Bitcoin
  4. Episode 8: Alternative Investments – A Decade of Growth
  5. Episode 7: The Australian economy

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“If Socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be Socialists”

— Friedrich von Hayek